One day i’ll be dead, and you’ll be sorry.

I wish people realized that an eating disorder doesn’t just affect a person’s relationship with food; it affects their relationship with literally everything that exists in the world.


I keep hearing Ambulance’s everywhere, and my mind keeps drifting to the realisation that one day it’ll be me in there, a body on the brink of lifelessness.

"My worst fucking fear is being cheated on by the only person I want to wake up to every morning”
— Daddy taught me sometimes this happens and mommy taught me to be strong when it does (via madcowmaiden)


how dumb is it that we’ve created words we arent supposed to use

"my mother’s trust issues are leaking into my chest
and I’ve got my father’s nose and his tendency to
stop calling back
so I’m sorry
about the 9 missed calls I have from you
and the 6 voicemails I never played
I swear I’d love you if I could”
— (via sharingneedles)